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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Enjoying the Fall

The fall is my favorite time of year. Peter and I have tried to make the most of our 2 months here in Utah.
These are two of our friends we have living with us in our apartment. One is Biff, the other Penny. They are only 5 months old. It has been an adventure taking care of the little guys so they can grow up in the big city. Let me tell you, having never experienced getting a pet fixed, I will let Peter be the one in charge next time.
The neighbor cat tormenting our kittens through the windows.
Dork dots from the clinic. Poor things.
Here is a cut out copy from the newpaper of Peter's class at the University of Utah. Can you find him?
Hint: He's the one with the really attractive smile and cute curly locks of hair.

More apple pie filling. Peter's folks have an AMAZING garden that produces extreme amounts of fruit. This was two grocery bags full of Macintosh and Golden Delicious apples.
Beautiful Leaves

General Conference Weekend we took advantage of the time Peter had available and camped out up the Logan canyon.  It really was amazing all the beautiful colors in the mountains.
Good thing we had a fire. That night it got close to 30 degrees. It was SO cold, but totally worth it!
Can you believe how many leaves were on the ground. Seriously, the ground was just as pretty as the trees.
The next day we drove to Bear Lake and stopped at some cemeterys to look for ancestors headstones. Here is a common ancestor Peter and I share at St. Charles cemetery.

It was a delightful drive to listen to General Conference and enjoy the changing of the seasons. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our New Life

In June, Peter received an acceptance letter to the University of Utah Medical School class of 2016. We both felt this was an obvious answer to prayer instead of our first initial thought of Medical School in Reno.

As we anticipated leaving Rexburg, which has been or home for the past 8+- years, and even moving out of state, we wanted to be sure to enjoy as much of the beautiful outdoors possible.

We have so many wonderful friends and neighbors who helped us with our move. The joys of moving a piano really strengthen the Elder's quorum,

Good bye wonderful Andrew's Place apartment. and look at how full that 15ft trailer is.
My parents have been living in Chicago since March, as Dad got a new job. They came to Blackfoot for two weeks and during the time rented a cabin in Island Park for one week of their visit. Kyle coordinated his schedule to make it out for a few days of that time too so Mom made sure we had a family photo taken while we were all together for the last time in a while.

Michael and Brandon where good sports to endure the picture session. Brandon is going to pound someone after though.

I love my Family!

Playing games

Riding in the boat with Grandpa

Jet ski


And of course FISHING!

Shane out did everyone this trip
Helping Dad get used to his new reel and rod too
Time out for treats and a chat with Mom

The Johnson family came and stayed a couple nights with us. It was so much fun being outdoors together.

We drove into Yellowstone early one morning to look for wolves. We had a special treat spotting these two bull elk at dusk.
Success was ours. We saw three wolves in Lamar Valley. Our first sighting ever!

Michael wanted to be a big boy like everyone else and wear some fishing pants.
Peter's beauty!
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You can tell I'm really tense because this was the biggest fish I've ever had on my line. It is probably okay that I didn't land him or I'd have pulled a muscle.

And yet again, Shane shows us all up! It was huge and I hated/had to net it for him. Terrible job but at least we got him! 25 inches!! (That is a two foot fish!)
Our last afternoon at the cabin. We have such a wonderful family!

Mom and Dad aren't sure yet how long they will be with a job in Chicago because it is contract. They aren't too sure what to do with their home. I had very sentimental feelings as we were all there together and slowly one by one everyone began to leave to their new lives awaiting them in the mid-west.

I love my parents home!

Oh the joy of country life! Who knows what will happen to this wonderful space we call home.

Dad obviously wasn't aware that this was a diaper lawn mowing party.

The best memories of being all together and eating out back.
Spending time in northern Idaho and northwestern Wyoming is Peter's and my favorite pastime. Yellowstone holds so many memories for us and we will always strive to make a visit the beautiful area year after year.
Using Peter's Dad's camping stove that Peter researched the part needed to get it working again and got it in the mail.

We spotted a Momma bear with two cubs. It was SO neat. We have never seen cubs in the park.

My large fish I caught and netted all on my own.

Slough Creek!! Our favorite spot in Yellowstone. It is a 5 mile hike in.

Peter's large fish for the day.

Hailey and her family have moved to Indiana, for the purpose of Andrew, her husband, to begin Optometry School. Her boys, Michael (4 in December) and Brandon (2), have been such a joy to be around for these few early years of their lives. They are my only nephews and the nephews Peter has been around the most these past few years.

Hailey and Andrew taking off for their long journey to Indiana. We all might have been a little emotional.
Mom and Dad flew back to Chicago with Michael and Brandon so they didn't have to endure the long cross country road trip. They love flying.

Going through security isn't the easiest when you don't have your drivers license. But I guess the Costco card works for your picture ID nowadays. Bye everyone! We will miss you all, but will remain in the West to represent.

Before Shane headed out East to his internship in Chicago again he, Peter and I went on a 4 day backpack adventure through the Sawtooth Mountains near Challis, Idaho to Hell Roaring Lake. It had been four years since Peter and I did this hike, while we were engaged. And Shane hadn't done it since before his mission. We absolutely love this place. It is just picturesque. Shane, for his birthday, received a fly rod and reel and there is not many places to put it to good use as this high mountain lake.
We got to our camp at midnight. Kind of crazy to begin a hike late in the evening that usually is 1 mile and find out that they moved the trail head 2 miles out. Bear aware/safety first. Hanging our food for the night.
"No Name Lake" at the base of the finger of fate. Our favorite spot!

Our delicious dehydrated meals we brought up the 1 mile vertical incline for lunch. It never poured on us but it drizzled a tiny bit. Always prepared though.
One fish on, Two fish on!

One of the best parts about this time going in was there were HUCKLEBERRIES on! It was such a treat to munch on them as we hiked since we didn't have time this summer to go pick some for the fall.

Pumping water. There were forest fires around the area that made they sky a strange color.

Cleaning up dinner.

To top off the week of hiking and camping we make an annual stop at the natural hot spring in the Salmon River.
NOW...our new life. We are living in Bountiful, Utah. Once Peter was accepted to Med School we knew we needed to find housing. There are so many options to live in Utah as to areas. Close to the University, the Avenues, Sugar House, Downtown, Millcreek, East Millcreek, Murray, etc. As we searched, keep in mind we are in Idaho trying to find housing in Utah, we took a weekend to go to SLC and try the door-to-door approach. Most places we found for a reasonable price were pretty old and small. We also had a big hang up with the allowance of pets. We both really wanted little friends to have around so we have two small, but growing, kittens: Biff and Penny.

Moved in

Relaxing in the rubble
Sleepy kittens

Peter's study partner
Well we ended up finding the perfect fit in Bountiful for at least a time. Peter would like to be closer to the campus so he doesn't lose time for study while he is using the public transportation. At first, his commute was almost one hour one way. Not good. Going the bus route was too slow and it really worried Peter he was missing out on precious time. Now he is riding the front-runner to downtown and takes an early bus from the station that only stops at the medical school, no others stops. So that has been a huge relief to cut his travel time in half.

Off to his first day of school and kind of nervous :) I hope the kids on the bus are nice to him.

Peter is loving school! His schedule as of now is up at 6:00, and can either catch the 6:54 train or the 7:24. He studies from 8am-1pm most days. Then has lectures from 1-5 and then catches the train to be home by either 5:45 or 6. We then have dinner from 6-6:30 and Peter then proceeds to study till about 9:15. Bedtime is super important because we both need our eight hours of sleep to have a pleasant next day. Plus, Peter admits his studying isn't too productive after 10 anyway. Wednesday mornings are lab and they have not wasted any time. The first lab they sawed open the spine at an angle and removed the layers to analyze. The following week they removed the chest cavity and lungs to get to the heart. Then they removed the heart and dissected it the next Wednesday lab. It really is quite incredible what they are experiencing. He says that lectures will all relate from topic to topic. From Histology, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Embryology, etc. they each will focus on the heart the week they dissect the heart. It sounds like a very enjoyable learning atmosphere that relates from class to class.

Receiving his white coat at the "White Coat Ceremony"


Proud Family
As for me, I did not get a job teaching this school year. I will admit, I wasn't too thrilled about the idea of teaching again. I loved my job in Rexburg working with the choir students at the middle school, but the idea of having a first year all over again was stressful. I felt this was a good time to try something new or look into new pathways of study or career options. Before we moved down to Bountiful, back at the cabin with my folks, Dad suggested I try out for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. So in July I looked up the website and it just so happened that applications were being accepted for that time till August. I decided to give it a shot and prepared an audition CD to mail in. Then, once we made the move to Bountiful, Dad suggested again to audition for the production of Savior of the World. So I looked online and auditions were going to be the following Saturday. So I ran over there and had a wonderful experience trying out for that production.

Well I made it into Savior of the World, playing the role as Suzanna, and performing the whole month of December each Wednesday, Friday nights and Saturday matinees. We have had only a couple rehearsals, but I know that it is an inspired production and have loved feeling the spirit it brings into my life. While waiting to hear back about auditions and the call-back process, I received a letter in the mail from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir inviting me to the next phase of auditions.

This Saturday was the phase II theory test, taken in the basement of the tabernacle on Temple Square. It was a great experience. There was a listening portion for an hour and a half, then a write on portion for about 45 minutes. I really felt good about the write on, but that ear training test was a fun challenge. They said that we will hear within a couple weeks if we are invited back to the final phase, a live audition with Mack Wilburg. It really sounds so exciting.

I know that the Lord is mindful of Peter and I and the activities and opportunities that we are supposed to be having and experiencing at this time. We have met so many wonderful people and love being around many of our family we didn't see as often while in Idaho.

Harvesting the corn. It was a very successful summer.

Blackberry picking

The blackberries were enormous!

Celebrating Millie's first birthday

Relaxing in the backyard. Everyone was excited to come together this weekend to support Tim at his wedding.

Roasting Mallows

The AMAZING grape harvest. These will soon be made into grape juice before our very eyes. Delicious!

At Tim's wedding

Tim and Kellie's Wedding
Life is wonderful with great lessons to learn and opportunities to live!